Short story about my adventure in graphical design...

Hi, my name is Zoran and I am living in Zagreb, Croatia. I have graduated Psychology at the University of Zagreb. Considering that I am expressing myself much better in pictures than in written words I will keep it very short.

Although I became psychologist by profession, the passion for design has always been my underlying second nature. During the last 20 years I have always sought something to do in graphical design, finding it to be fulfilling, relaxing and refreshing part of my working day. Very early I found that in design it is not a bad thing to understand a bit of psychology as well. 🙂

My beginning in graphical design was within the student magazine (1999). After a few years of continuous work in this field the name ZhZ-design was created as my alias. Since then I have worked on many different projects, from billboard size designs to logos and web designs, from single graphics to complete promotional campaigns. Regardless the price range of projects I truly enjoined being part of them and learning along the way.

Through the years of experience I’ve learned to appreciate a good communication with clients and associates, clearly defined goals, approval steps and respecting agreed deadlines. Basically all the things I expect when hiring experts for the job. I also highly appreciate people that go a step further in communicating their knowledge and expertise in pursuit to achieve better quality.

The process doesn’t end with the finished design, it still requires technical preparation and follow up until the product is completely finished. This process is important as the design itself, so my work stops when the finished product is delivered. Finished product, no matter of media, is what makes or breaks every design.

Thank you for showing interest and reading all of the above, but the most interesting part is in Portfolio and I hope you will find there something that you like… 😉

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