Selection of published book designs is presented chronologically. More detailed description of work is offered when individual publication is selected.

Collection of Poems – Cultural Concentration of Kung Fu Poetry and Other Works – Slaven Skoko, 2023

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Lives of the 50+ Population – Selected Results from the SHARE Corona Survey in 27 European Countries and Israel, 2023

PIRLS 2011 International Database User Manual – PIRLS published texts and exam papers, 2021

Health and Socioeconomic Status Over the Life Cycle — First Results from the Sixth and Seventh Waves of the SHARE Project, 2020

PISA 2018: Global Student Competencies – An International Survey of Students’ Knowledge and Skills, 2020

PISA 2018: Results, Determinants and Implications – International Survey of Students’ Knowledge and Skills, 2019

PISA 2018 – Conceptual Framework of Reading Literacy, 2019

PISA – Item Examples in Mathematical, Reading, Science and Financial Literacy and Problem solving – Paper-Based and Computer-Based, 2018

Final Examination (State Matura) in History from School Year 2009/2010 till 2016/2017, 2018

Handbook for Creating Multiple Choice Items for Exams in History – With the Examples from the State Matura, 2017

New (Im)migrants in the EU: Facing the Challenges of Integration, 2016

Project: Development of Final Examinations at the End of Educational Cycles – Expert Report, 2015

PISA 2012 Problem Solving Competence, Croatian National Report, 2014

Croatia – A MIPEX Assessment, 2014

PISA 2012 Mathematic Competencies for Life, Croatian National Report 2013

PISA 2009 Reading Competencies for Life, Croatian National Report, 2010

Istria at the Crossroads: The History of Migrations of Population of Istria, 2010.

Migrant Communities, Associations and Social Activities in the North and South America: Comparison Croatia – Slovenia, 2010

Development and Strategy of Croatian National Assessment – Project Report, 2009

Self-Evaluation Guide for Primary Schools, 2009

History of Science Discussions and Materials, Book 8 – Medical Sciences Class, Vol. 4: Clio in Medical Practice, 2007

The Future of Knowledge – Evolutionary Challenge of the 21sr Century, 2007

What makes a love relationship successful? – Psychology Summer School for Students and Professors of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, 2006

An Introduction to the Biological Bases of Behaviour, 2006

Croatia’s Refugee Challenge, 2004

Soul’s Destiny, 2002

Demon on the Shoulder or the Disclosure Game, 2001